Christians have been duped. Yes, you read that correctly. We have been taught to ignore the lion’s share of scripture because we now have the “Gospel of Christ”. Well, that’s just great. The “Gospel of Christ” is almost completely from the Word of God given to the Jews at Mt. Sinai and during the “wilderness wandering”. Again, you read that correctly. Jesus didn’t say a whole lot of new stuff; he quoted his Father’s Word over and over again, and when he wasn’t specifically quoting it, he was explaining it while also refuting the traditions of men that had been added to it. But we wouldn’t know that because we ignore what God said in the first five books of the Bible, except the really cool stories, of course. Those we know because they make such exciting stories for the youth in the church. (I know, we also prove Jesus through them, but I’m aggravated so I’m painting with a large brush. Go read Psalms. They weren’t afraid to do it.)

A few years ago, I wrote a post called “Divorced from God’s Word”. On Friday night I finished a book that revealed to me in shocking clarity just how bad it is. The book is written by a speaker and author who also happens to be Jewish. Eric is a political speaker and author, but his passion is making people laugh, which I did quite a bit of while reading his book.

Okay, there’s the set up. Eric was invited to a Christian, political women’s group to speak and they served dinner afterward. Everyone was given ham plates, except Eric who was given a special plate containing turkey.

Can anyone reading this tell me why Eric got a special plate? Anyone? Anyone?

One woman at the event wanted a turkey plate, too but was told by the woman hosting the event that Eric got the special plate because he was Jewish and couldn’t eat ham (which she didn’t know until two days earlier through Wikipedia!). Eric was very understanding, explaining that he didn’t expect Christians to know that much about Jewish customs. What a sweet man.

I’m not that sweet! I’m angry and I’ll tell you why. Christians know the great stories of the “Old Testament”, and they have attempted to recreate the Tabernacle in any number of ways. They have the 10 Commandments plastered all over their churches and can tell you how many years the Jews “wandered” the desert. And they love that God knocked down the walls of Jericho, but they can’t tell you anything about what God told His people to do and not do? They sit there and tell you that “Jesus made all food clean”, but they can’t tell you why he apparently did that? Really?!

People, Jesus and all his followers were Jewish (even Luke was considered a God-fearer at the very least, which means he followed Torah). Everything they said and wrote was from the perspective of the Law of Moses, whether you believe they were refuting or explaining it. Eric and other Jews can be understanding, I can’t be. We have purposely and methodically divorced ourselves from the very words John says Jesus was (“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us…” (John 1:14)). What do you think that word was and still is? It’s the Word He spoke to Moses nearly 6000 years ago. If we don’t understand the Word spoken to Moses, we don’t understand Jesus.

Seriously, we need to stop ignoring the largest part of the Bible, that which Paul called the foundation of the Law and the Prophets (Eph 2:20). Jesus didn’t think they were obsolete and neither did his Jewish followers. Why do we?

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