“…Come to You and Bless You”

This is not one of my more cogent posts; it’s more of an attempt to figure something out that I’m sharing with my readers. You will now have an insight into where some of my posts begin.

“And in every place where I cause my Name to be mentioned, I will come to you and bless you” (Exodus 20:21b, JPS; English Bibles, 20:24b).

Okay, I know it’s a not a magic incantation, but really, I mention the Name all the time everywhere I go, so how come I’m not being blessed like crazy?

Good question, right?

The Gospels record that Jesus couldn’t do many miracles in his own home town because of the lack of faith in his ability to do them. That’s always struck me as odd. How on Earth could his power be dependent on someone else? Does he have it or not? I think I get it now; his ability was the same everywhere he went, but he didn’t force his power on those who didn’t want or believe in it. It’s not that he physically couldn’t perform miracles, but forcing his power on people who didn’t want it went against his nature.

I think this is what’s going on between Yehovah and me. Sure I mention His Name, but I’m not sure I’m expecting anything. I don’t want to be greedy or self-serving so I don’t expect Him to keep the promise He made in that passage. Giving something to someone who doesn’t want it goes against His nature. Our Father is only pushy when He needs to be (think Exodus), and He doesn’t need to be pushy in this case because I know who He is, He doesn’t have to prove it to me. What He’s waiting for is my acceptance of what He wants to do, what He can do if I’m willing to receive.

Have you ever tried to give someone a gift, something you know they want or need, and they flat refuse to accept it? It’s not a very pleasant experience for you or them. The same is true of our Father. He wants to bless me but forcing it on me isn’t going to be pleasant for Him or for me, so He’ll just wait until I’m ready to receive.

That being said, I’m still going to say His Name everywhere I go, blessing or no blessing.

May the Name of Yehovah be sanctified!

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