Warning: Change is Coming

Years ago I had a crazy thought which I’m not quite ready to share publicly. This thought has taken me on a crazy journey of discovery that has drastically affected the way I read, study, and understand the Bible. A few weeks ago I accidentally placed myself in a position where I had to defend what I’m doing to a group of people who I really believed would applaud at least most of what I was doing. I didn’t expect a full acceptance of it, but at least some encouragement and maybe even some partnership in studying these textual and translation questions I’ve recently come across. Instead I was accused of spiritual immaturity and of being led astray by false teaching.

So why am I sharing this on my blog? Because this argument caused me to accept that what I’m about to start sharing is going to cause extreme consternation for those who want to follow the Father. The accusations will continue and quite possibly become quite vicious. Am I ready for that? Probably not based on the reaction I had to the group a few weeks ago, but I can’t hide anymore. When I learn something I have to let it out whether people hear what I’m saying or not. I will simply have to accept the reactions of those who read or hear my words, the positive and the negative. Our Father in Heaven knows my heart and His approval is really what I need to be striving for.

That being said, I’m going to start sharing some longer articles here with quite a few historical and biblical references. I’ll try not to be too dry about it, but I did come out of academia and I might very well revert sometimes. Other times I may become overly passionate (a failing of mine that contributed to the meltdown a few weeks ago) and become overly critical, possibly leaning towards mean. For those times, I’m deeply sorry. If you follow this blog regularly, please tell me when I’ve gone beyond the bounds of grace and I will do my best to soften my words. Of course, on the other side of that, my passion may lead me to become giddy and say things that are, strictly speaking, opinion without remembering to share the basis, the references I used to come to that conclusion. Again, I ask that you tell me and ask me to post those references. And as always, I want my readers to engage me. There are going to be serious challenges to the has been taught and that’s okay. Challenging doctrine to make sure it lines up with the original language and cultural context of the Bible is exactly what the Bereans did to make sure that the “doctrine” Paul was preaching was based on the Father’s written word. Paul was not offended by this, he praised them for it, so let’s be like those Bereans together!

Matthew West sings a song called “The Center.” One of the lines says, “I wanna know how it feels to be/standing in the center of Your will for me.” Sometimes it feels like a crown of thorns and nails in your hands and feet after complete and utter rejection by those who said they would always stand beside you. I believe that I am fully entering the Father’s will for me and yes, I’m beginning to think it’s going to feel a lot more like a crown of thorns than a padded cross. And if you continue on this journey with me, you might be wearing a crown of thorns, too. Are you ready? Neither am I, but let’s do it anyway. Our Father will be so proud.

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