A Modern-Day American Moses?

Israel prospered greatly while living in Egypt until a king took the throne who was afraid of them. No one really knows why he decided these people who had lived peacefully within the borders of Egypt for over 200 years would suddenly decide to join an enemy who attacked Egypt, but that’s what he was afraid of and his idea for preventing this was to make their lives miserable. I’m fairly certain that’s when he completely lost their support, but it also forced them to remember the God of their forefathers and it is to Him they began to “cry out” to. I doubt they were expecting a murderer and poor speaker to show up as their redeemer.

I often recognize America’s history in the history of Israel and as I read the first 6 chapters of Exodus the similarities struck me again. When Reagan left the office of American president in 1989, America and the world were in the midst of economic and political prosperity, a cause for celebration seeing as how the last decade or more before Reagan saw economies falling and worldwide evil expanding. But as Reagan stepped down, Communism was falling apart, Israel was at semi-peace, our allies were stronger and our enemies were weaker. Like Isrealites in Egypt, Americans relaxed and became complacent.

Over the next 20 years, America’s leadership slowly eroded what Reagan, the American people, and our allies accomplished. Those who loved America believed that they could continue to live alongside those who hated them, complacently compromising their freedoms for the sake of “peace.” Sadly it was this continual compromise that led to the election of a person whose stated goal was the fundamental transformation of America because America was “too prosperous and too mighty” (basically what Pharaoh said about Israel).  This man began the process of transforming America by “brutalizing” those faithful to America, both economically and politically.  Eventually even physical brutality was used as violence against those who loved America dramatically increased and the very president who should have stopped that violence only encouraged it. While Reagan lead a renewal through encouragement, communication, and empowerment of people, Obama lead the creation of a great depression though discouragement, secrets, disempowerment of people and finally, violence in the streets.

Over the years there have been those who recognized the downward trend, but many remained complacent. But then, President Obama. Overnight it seemed that we went from peaceful coexistence with those among us who disliked America to “slavery and brutality.” Much like the Israel story, those who had been complacent suddenly began to cry out for deliverance, but things kept getting worse.

For the Israelites, enter Moses, a murder and apparently not particularly eloquent. Technically he hadn’t even lived among his people since he was weened, having grown up in a palace and then spent 40 years in Midian. What could he possibly do for Israel? But Yehovah had chosen him as His tool to deliver Israel.

On January 20, 2017 a man of some questionable ethics and not particularly eloquent was sworn in as America’s 45th president. He faces much the same situations that Reagan faced, though in some ways much worse. And he brings much the same message that Reagan brought to America, that together America can be truly great and truly free, exactly what Moses told the slaves in Egypt about Israel. And like Moses, Trump has questionable ethics and is not particularly eloquent, but it would seem that like Moses, Yehovah has raised him up as a tool for America’s deliverance. Trump may not be what we would have anticipated, but Moses wasn’t exactly what Israel anticipated, either.

So let us praise our Father in Heaven, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for sending a deliverer. Let us pray for him and support him to the best of our abilities. May the Name of our Father be sanctified!

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