Reflected Light

Recently I was marveling at the beauty revealed by the bright light of the moon one morning when it occurred to me that what I was seeing by was actually the sun’s light reflected by the moon. I was amazed at the beauty that God could create with something that didn’t even produce its own light when I was struck by a thought; as our Father’s children, we are not to shine our own light but reflect His light, and when we do, He creates something beautiful out of our lives.

As I’ve thought more about this I realized that a lot of the beauty we see is really reflected light. The full moon is beautiful not because of its light but because of the light it reflects. Colors are the light waves that objects reflect back to our eyes, not colors that they produce on their own. And rainbows are the “reflection” of every color in our visible spectrum when light is refracted by water, glass or crystal.

The sun produces its own light and we can’t look directly at it. We need special equipment to reduce the glare in order to see the true nature of the sun. The light is harsh and dangerous, but the same light reflected back is beautiful and reveals the true nature of the reflecting object, like the moon or the leaf.

Over the course of the last week I’ve had many thoughts about reflected light. First I know that when we produce our own light we can be harsh and dangerous to those around us. There is nothing gentle about the light the sun produces and the same goes for us when we produce our own light. The “light” we produce tends to be self-centered and hurtful. Second, by reflecting God’s light instead of producing our own, God’s light reveals our true nature, much like the sun’s light reveals the moon’s true nature and the leaf’s true color, and when our true nature is revealed by God, the light we reflect to others is gentle. Finally, God’s light has become dangerous to humans since the fall, as He told Moses (Ex 33:20-23). He needs His people to humble themselves and put out their own “lights” so they can reflect His. When they do this, the people He created them to be will shine through and God’s light reflected in their lives will draw people towards them and by extension to God.

I want to be like the moon or the leaf; I want the bright light to reflect off of me so that what our Father created me to be can be seen, and that light which reveals the true me will gently draw others to Him, allowing them to come into His light where they, too can be fully revealed.

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